Mallu Chat Messenger for malayalis

Free mallus chat Messenger for all Malayalam speaking and non-speaking peoples.


Kerala Media Studio Created A messenger For malayalis,especially for kerala user’s


Free to use

Chat online right now for a FREE and LIVE online and real-time chatting experience with Mallu Chat Messenger. We are powered by the latest in live video and audio software for communication. Simple and easy to use.Suitable for everyone including adult, teen, single, couple, college users. We offer public group chatting or one on one private conversation. This is what makes our chat rooms very unique. Browse through all of them and choose the right one for you. What are you waiting for? Meet up with random strangers or existing friends. Connect online with thousands of other users today!

* Live chats.
* Less data usage and perfectly support for 2G, 3G, 4G networks.
* This is 100% free app.


Create Groups unlimited easy and Fast

Create Unlimited Group’s For Frnds and family…

Its very easy to use and Well improved UI


Privacy & Security

You can use screen lock for mallu chat

Screen Shot lock

Incognito Keyboard and more


Other Features
  1. Notification settings
  2. Save media
  3. Dark theme
  4. Light Theme
  5. Disappearing Massages
  6. Bullet in emoji
  7. Secure massages
  8. Massages Trimming
  9. And more

DOWNLOAD Mallu chat


Terms and conditions

Do not abuse users and use swear words while chatting in Kerala chat rooms. Please avoid strong language too when chatting in Tamil chat rooms. Sexual talk is not allowed and any form of harassment like stalking, communal talk etc is also strictly prohibited in Mallu Chat – Messenger.


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