Every day of Valentine’s Week is special, know its interesting facts

The month of February is very special for every youth. Valentine’s Day comes on February 14, but do you know that a whole week is associated with Valentine and these seven days are special in themselves. In which Celebration of Rose-Day, Propose-Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Bear-Day, Promise Day, Hug-Day, Kiss Day and Valentine’s Day, etc. are celebrated. In such a situation, it has become fashionable to give gifts, not just express love on Valentine’s Day. Many gifts like chocolate, flowers, bouquet, teddybear have been decorated in the market. So, let us tell you here, about these seven days associated with Valentine’s Day and also what their importance is.

7 February (Rose Day)

Valentine’s week begins with the fragrance and beauty of roses. By the way, the loving couple expresses their heart by giving red roses to each other. But the specialty of this day is that you can celebrate this day with your friend, crush and even with the enemy. This is possible because from white to yellow and from red to black, every rose has different meanings.

8 February (Propose Day)

Couples propose to each other on Valentine’s Day, as the name suggests. Express your love to each other. If you too are desperate to propose someone, then this day is for you. For this, do proper planning and talk to your heart with whom you want to say. Taking a beautiful gift together can also be a better option.

9 February (Chocolate Day)

After giving rose on Rose Day and expressing love on Propose Day, the Couples express their love by giving each other chocolate on 9 February. Be it to relieve stress or to express love to someone, chocolate has been an important part of people’s lives for the last 200 years with different excuses. This day is celebrated to dissolve the sweetness of chocolate in your relationship.

10 February (Teddy Day)

Both the heart and the teddy are fragile. To bring this gentle feeling to each other, love couples give each other a teddy bear. However, girls like this stuffed toy more. Sleeping, hugging Teddy, talking to him is very pleasing to girls. That’s why most boys give this gift to girls on Teddy Bear Day. Teddy Day is celebrated on the 10th of February month.

11 February (Promise Day)

Promised Day comes after giving rose, propose, chocolate and teddy. On this day, two loving people promise to support each other for life. And when you promise, then also resolve to fulfill it. Therefore, this day i.e. Promise Day has its own importance and is very special. Relationships have their own importance and it is equally important to fulfill promises.

12 February (Hug Day)

Celebrate ‘Hug Day’ on the sixth day of Valentine’s Week i.e. 12 February. It is a day to embrace each other and show love. The biggest feature of this day is that on the pretext of a magic hug, we get a chance to know how much the front person wants us, what is there for us in his heart.

13 February (Kiss Day)

When there are no words to express love, a kiss full of love is enough. Kiss Day comes a day before February 14. On this day, couples kiss their love.

14 February (Valentine’s Day)

If you find an excuse to party in a run-of-the-mill life, what will be the bigger thing than this? In the same way, even though we express love every day, but celebrating it becomes one day. Valentine is the same day. This weekend on 14 February with this day ie. Usually, on this day, couples try to stay together as much as possible by taking time out of their schedules. The promise of keeping promises and devotion to each other is repeated.

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