10 benefits of having Google News Approved Website

Being one of the high rankers in Google news or simply just getting into the list can be a pretty big deal. If you own a website that has successfully managed to get into the Google News, it automatically suggests that you carry informative and superior quality web property that attracts your audience in a massive number.

Google follows a very particular algorithm when it comes to letting news-based websites into their listing. The search engine giant doesn’t provide any insights into the way it picks various websites for its Google News listings. However, two things that we know here for sure are having unique information and quality content that is better than any other competitors.

Concentrating on these two aspects of Google News increases your chances of getting into Google News. Once you get into Google News, you might be curious about the benefits it has for you. Google News is one of the most trusted windows in the world that provides you access to trending news topics from various corners of the world.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of getting featured on Google News.

1-Brand Awareness

Having a position over the Google News brings you a fabulous opportunity in terms of brand opportunity with high influence over your audience, especially if you are looking forward to improving the awareness with accordance to the requirements of your brand. This opportunity is mostly overlooked by many brand owners while sticking to a false assumption that their brand shall speak with their quality work.

However, this works for certain cases but doesn’t for numerous brands. Google is one of the most trusted search engines in the globe given the fact that it sticks to quality rather than quantity. With recent changes in the search engine ranking pattern, Google has been focusing more on providing its users quality content rather than simply jotting down anything filled with a series of keywords.

With such a rigorous screening process for Google News ranking, it is obvious that audience will only be provided with the top quality content. This is why a huge faction of the population uses Google News for any kind of updates and if you manage to rank on this list, it’s obvious that you create better and improvised brand awareness.

2-Better Traffic

Google helps you target the right kind of audience and extract better traffic directed towards your website. Getting featured on Google doesn’t just help you with the marketing of your brand but also focuses on SEO based perspective. Take, for example, any potential customer looking for certain service types in a phrase or keyword into Google News; he/she shall get the exact results that are tailored as per their requirement.

This helps your brand get recognized with further focus on the options such as “Search tools” incorporated within the Google News. In this segment, you can segregate the news as per your requirement which includes elements such as:

  • Location
  • News Type
  • Date
  • Relevance

3-Increased Links

Numerous upcoming websites always look for websites ranking in Google News to find what’s trending and what isn’t. If they follow ethics of being a web citizen, they will surely give you credit for the information by linking your website or mentioning your website’s name. This will then help you extract more audience from different websites.

This essentially helps you climb high into the SERP’s. If you jot down an article or news that is fresh in the web, you can easily generate dozens of links just from that single story. If you post at least 2 to 3 articles every day, you can easily garner better link generation with widespread recognition over the internet platform.

4-Added benefits from Google

Now, this might not be 100 percent true but is difficult not to think that Google gives in some extra benefits to the websites that rank in the list by Google News. It makes perfect sense that Google rewards its users for providing unique and fresh content. Having a website with informative content that comes with a unique perspective provides you a chance to rank in Google News which must come with added rewards by the search engine.

5-Authority Status

If you have a website listed in the Google News, you brand shall be viewed as the “Authority Site” of the niche you are based on. More and more people shall link themselves to your website and the same goes for bookmarking. For this, Google, as well as other search engines, will add rewards for your website with SERPs making it a win-win situation for both Google and your brand.

6-Rapid article indexing

A major advantage of having your website listed over the Google News is the rapid article indexing. As you write any article for your website, Google News includes it in the indexing process almost immediately with a maximum of 10 minutes after you have written down the article.

Not only that, the article you just jotted down shall also be indexed in the main Google Search results at the very same instance. Say you are the very first website to bring out spicy breaking news; you get to appear in both Google News as well as its main index ranking on the first position available for everyone to check.

7-Better organic traffic

Having listed yourself in the Google News not only gets you better traffic but also an organic one. You need not pay for your brand to increase the recognition and gather audience. You can do so just by following the guidelines of Google News with quality content and unique news. Once you rank over Google News, you need not worry about reaching your target audience organically. Google helps you with that.

8-Increased Auhenticity

Google News listing doesn’t just get you larger traffic but also validates you as an authentic brand that can easily be trusted by the audience. With the name Google, people automatically associate authenticity and brand trust. This gives you a major advantage over your brand competitor especially when your customers feel that you own a genuine brand with great features that are accurate as per the requirement of the audience.

9-Easy Accessibility

Google is one of the most preferred search engines when it comes to people looking for anything starting from grocery items to latest news. Now Google is a vast search engine and not having your website listed in the top ranking can render your efforts useless. Having a website that ranks in both Google main page and Google News increases your brand presence two folds. This means your brand name gets twice the brand exposure and is available for your audience to access via different mediums.

10-Less Effort on SEO

The best thing about being listed over the Google News is the fact that you don’t have to work much on your SEO based rankings. Given the fact that your content part is strong, Google automatically assigns you the top ranks as per your performance with content. With Google News, your unique content is your merit.

Google News always prefers frequent and regular updates as compared to lengthy posts that are filled with a bluff. All you need to do is keep it short and informative with proper statistics and facts.

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